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~*~ Angel's Tears Below a Tree ~*~

Cloud in Crimson the Key of Heaven

~*~ Full Moon & Diamonds in the Snow ~*~
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I don't believe in Bios. My Interests speak enough for me.
animals, ann rule, anthony hopkins, anti-charlize theron, antonio banderas, archery, beethoven, black wolves, cats, celtic, chris irvine, chris jericho, christian, christopher walken, classical music, computers, country music, dogs, dragons, edward scissorhands, elves, england, enya, eomer, eowyn, fan fiction, fantasy, faramir, fozzy, friends, gothic, gray wolves, greatestjournal, gregory shane helms, hardy boyz, harley davidson motorcycles, ichabod crane, icons, internet, ireland, j.r.r tolkien, jack sparrow, jay reso, jeff hardy, jewelry, johnny cash, johnny depp, johnny depp icons, karl urban, league of extraordinary gentlemen, legolas, legolas greenleaf, lestat, lestat de lioncourt, lord of the rings, louis, matt hardy, medievel, mfers, moore-ons, mort rainy, movies, mozart, new orleans, new zealand, orlando bloom, paranormal activities, pirates of the caribbean, pro wrestling, reading, return of the king, role-playing, roleplay games, roleplaying, rps, scotland, sean bean, sean bean icons, sean connery, secret window, sensational shannon, shane helms, shannon moore, silver, sir ian mckellan, stephen king, stuart townsend, sugar shane, swordfighting, swords, the crow, the secret window, the two towers, the vampire armand, the vampire daniel, the vampire lestat, the vampire louis, the vampire marius, timber wolves, toby keith, traveling, true crime, vampire movies, vampires, van helsing, velvet, white wolves, will turner, wine, wolves, world wrestling entertainment, wrestling, writing, wwe